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Monday, April 02, 2007

Events of April 1st

Today I woke up at noon, like I often do, a habit I would to like break. The first thing I did was smoke a cigarette, another habit I would like to break. I took a much needed shower, which I haven’t done in a couple of days. While I was in the shower I remembered a conversation I’d had last night about the legitimacy of astrology, and decided to conduct this experiment. My plan put me in a really good mood, and it stuck with me practically all day. I wondered though how much focusing on the horoscope itself would effect the events of my day, and of course realized that it would be crucial not to pay too much attention to it, since this is an experiment to determine the stars’ effect on my natural personality. It was also interesting to consider in relation to this particular horoscope, which implied that my “plans” for today might fall through, but that this would not effect my good mood. However, my real plan for today was to test my horoscope. It seemed to be something of a paradox, because for my plan to fail I would have to be unable test my horoscope, but this seemed unlikely if the horoscope did in fact have any legitimacy. I decided it was best not to think too hard about it and focus on merely living my life. It also occurred to me that I might get different results from reading my horoscope at the end of the day instead of the beginning, so perhaps I will alternate weeks. The first thing I did when I left the house was seek out coffee, which I found at Muddy Waters, though I usually go to RadioBean. I got a large coffee and a bagel, which is practically all I ever eat for breakfast, but had some bad luck. The person behind me ordered four milkshakes, so the clerk went to make them, my bagel popped up, and I just had to wait. I began to feel very impatient, but as it turned out with no good cause, since the bagel was still hot when I got it. I read my book, Thud!, a Terry Pratchett book I have found to be very reliable, while I had my breakfast. My friend DJ called me when I was finishing up, and I met up with him at his house. I almost left my tobacco pouch at Muddy Waters, but discovered it was missing in time. However, I did have to walk all the way back down Church Street to get it. I was not significantly perturbed, just worried it wouldn’t be there when I got back. It was. DJ reminded me that another friend, Reid, was moving back to Burlington today, and I was glad he did so. DJ and I played Perfect Dark for an hour or so, and he won more often, though I didn’t do too bad. When I left I went back downtown to enjoy the spring weather more and get some groceries. I made dinner at my house and hung out with my neighbor Brian for awhile. Finally I called Gabe at around 10 and he told me Reid was back in town, so I went over to his girlfriend Emily’s place where they all were, and spent a few hours. I felt rather gregarious, which is notable if not extraordinary, and told them about my experiment. Talked to mostly everybody there. Left around midnight, came back home, and typed up the day’s events. Hey, I never said it would be interesting to read.


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