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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Events of April 2

Okay, so I'm a little late already. Anyway, here's what happened yesterday:

I woke up at the usual time, and checked my horoscope first thing. As I was doing that, Gabe called me to ask about my birthday plans; there were some tentative plans do go down to Montpelior but it seemed best to nix them and stay in town. I was talking about the change in plans with my horoscope on my mind, and I have to admit that it made me take my time in deciding what exactly to do. My first instinct was the Vermont Pub and Brewery, which is always a solid, reliable choice, but in the end I decided to celebrate at American Flatbread instead. Not sure if a decision like that fits in with "following my instincts" like the stars prescribed, but it was the only major decision I made yesterday with my fate and astrological profile in mind. It didn't hurt that I was still groggy from waking up when I was mulling it over. Besides that, yesterday was pretty uneventful. Finished one Pratchett book and started another. The weather was crappy, so I spent most of my day indoors. Went out a couple of times to get food for the day, and once to visit Gabe at the Red Onion. Gabe came over after work too, and that was pretty much the last social call of the night. Had a hard time falling asleep, that is, even harder than usual, and it was around four in the morning that I finally got to bed. Anticipated my birthday today. Stay tuned!


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