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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Events of April 3

It was my birthday yesterday! Unfortunately I didn't sleep too well so the night before so I slept in and was groggy anyways. I had work at one. Thanks to Facebook, I think, I got a lot of birthday greetings in the real world, as well as cyberspace. I finished Men At Arms and started Night Watch. Over the course of the day I solidified my plans for American Flatbread. We went, and two extra people showed up, making six, and the food was awesome as always. What a fantastic restaurant. I ate too much, and we went to the Needs afterwards. Losing two companions, we played one round of doubles on the pool table, then we lost one more and made it back to my place. General feel of birthday: good, but I had a feel of a lack of control all day.


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